Before Formation: Beyoncé’s Most Southern Moments

Hey y’all! I’ve been gone for the minute and I’m back, once again, with the jumpoff. Beyoncé has brought me out of hiding with her newest single, Formation, and its accompanying music video. But don’t worry, this isn’t a thinkpiece. I’m all thinkpieced out. The Blackness of Formation has been discussed ad nauseum. I want to discuss the pure unadulterated butter slathered Southerness of Beyoncé. … Continue reading Before Formation: Beyoncé’s Most Southern Moments


CROSSPOST: #DatUniverse

  I love me some Steven Universe. I haven’t written about it here, yet, but I am a huge fan of this show. My podcast co-host Justin and Monique, of GaTSPod and Slacker Society, did an Extra Fif about Steven Universe and it was everything. Even though I’m still mad at Justin, I think y’all should have a listen. Click here to listen to #DatUniverse!  Continue reading CROSSPOST: #DatUniverse


CROSSPOST: Three Fifs Sh!t List 02: Caitlyn Jenner, Stop Talking

So, I have been doing stuff and realized that it hasn’t made it to this corner of the internet. Well, that changes today. Starting now, I will be cross posting blog posts and podcast clips that I do elsewhere until I figure out what the hell I’m going to do with AnotA. I’ll figure it out eventually. Anywho, check out this blog post I did … Continue reading CROSSPOST: Three Fifs Sh!t List 02: Caitlyn Jenner, Stop Talking


That Damn Flag: My Thoughts On #PrayforParis

  When I looked at my phone after work on Friday, I was horrified when I read there had been a terrorist attack in France. Instantly, I went looking for more information and kept refreshing my phone for updates. I shared my condolences and kept it moving for the most part. Then, it started. One by one, I was seeing red, white and blue everywhere. … Continue reading That Damn Flag: My Thoughts On #PrayforParis

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#TbackinBlack: Some Thoughts and Rally Footage

Last Tuesday, I had the honor of attending a rally for #tbackinblack, a national effort to center the lives of Black trans people especially trans women. As I type, 18 trans women, that we know of, have been killed in 2015 and while we have been screaming Black Lives Matter for months now, these women have been left out. Additionally, they are left out of LGBTQ … Continue reading #TbackinBlack: Some Thoughts and Rally Footage


Tello: Streams Of Lesbians [Review]

When I received a message in my inbox about doing a review of what I thought would be a Netflix wannabe, I was skeptical and wanted to ignore it like I do every other email asking me to do any promo. Something told me to keep reading, so I did. The message was from a representative for Tello, a streaming service for lesbian centered content. … Continue reading Tello: Streams Of Lesbians [Review]


Untitled (Please Read The Warning)

Warning: This post contains strong language, mention of death/suicidal idealization and all around depressing content. This started off as a free write that I wasn’t going to publish but I obviously changed my mind. I figured the release would help me out. I also surmised that I could help someone dealing with similar issues realize they’re not alone. Nonetheless, I warned you.

Writing is like sex. You get the urge to do it all the time but the opportunity to scratch that itch isn’t always available. If you’re depressed, like me, that opportunity is rare because you’re too busy drowning in self-loathing to pick-up a pen. It’s 2 a.m. and I’ve had two homemade drinks to shake off the funk that’s slowly descending upon my consciousness. It lurks until it catches me slippin’ and spreads across my mind like mold. It hovers over me and makes the simplest shit seem like quantum physics.

Continue reading “Untitled (Please Read The Warning)”


Stonewall Was a Riot: Reflection on Jennicet Gutiérrez and The LGBT “Movement”

(Article has been edited to add Jennicet’s name.) This Wednesday, I was blessed with the opportunity to share space with my friends at Solutions Not Punishment Coalition (SNAPco), an organization dedicated to keeping transgender and gender nonconforming people and other marginalized populations out of the criminal justice system. They were celebrating the impending anniversary of the Stonewall Riots that created the modern lgbt movement and … Continue reading Stonewall Was a Riot: Reflection on Jennicet Gutiérrez and The LGBT “Movement”


Reflections on #sayhername

I woke up this morning with confusion and indecisiveness in my spirit. This memorial day, a group of Black women, femmes and their allies observed the holiday by marching through the streets of Atlanta for Black women and girls affected by state and police violence. I’d known about this march for days now and my spirit wanted me to go but my sickness made me … Continue reading Reflections on #sayhername